Garda Plast preform technology


The secret
behind our productivity.

Our company works well because it is safe, just like all our systems and tools. We have a dual system consisting of: refrigerator circuit, air compressors, electrical transformers and various other key elements, and one is in standby mode while the other works. In addition to this, all production stages are supported by a modern on-site laboratory.

Four phases, one objective

Every day we receive raw materials, both through tanks with a capacity of about 30 tons of PET or in BIG BAGS containers, and these are stocked in specific silos after the quality controls.


An automatic system placed on each moulding isle (press-robot-drying system) conveys the polymer (PET) into a 8-ton hopper. The material is left drying for about 5-6 hours at a temperature of 170 – 190C°.


We gather the material with a loading tube and activate the heating process through electric resistances, until the melting point (280/300°C). The melted material is then injected into a mould where it is cooled off by water circulating at 10°C, then we open the mould; the robot collects the preforms and place them onto a belt that conveys them to the packing boxes.


We label the box with the finished products and the operator will then stock it in a specific area of the warehouse.